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1 février 2006 3 01 /02 /février /2006 14:51
You have written some PJC/Bean of your own and would like to share it.

Write a document that contains the followings points:

  • . Some information about yourself
  • . A title that identify the component
  • . A purpose that describes in a few sentences the functionalities
  • . Eventually a screen shot of the result
  • . The java code of the component
  • . The Oracle Forms Implementation Class name
  • . The list of the properties that you can set
  • . The list of the properties that you can read
  • . The list of the events that can be raised by the bean
  • . Indication if the jar file have to be signed
  • . Eventually, a link to any material to download (.jar file, Forms modules, ...)

Send the doc to the following mail adress: forms.pjc.bean@free.fr
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